Facilities & Infrastructure

Art Room Activity Room English Room Music Room School Library IT Lab Sports Facility E-learning Transportation Infirmary Dance Room
A place where a swish of paintbrush, or a little splotch of glue is all it takes to go from mundane to magnificent. Armed with a dash of colours and a whole lot of fun it is a place where our students indulge in easy-to-make art and craft projects that will brighten up their day. The Art Room is a dream world for kids where fantasy turns to reality. From plastic bottles and paper plates to ribbons and buttons, turn their imagination into their very own masterpiece. A place which engages and inspires kids to experiment with their world -welcome to The Art Room!
Allenhouse Public School, Panki, has a colourful and a vibrant activity room, which is not only very spacious but also very well equipped. It is the ideal place for the pre-schoolers and the primary students to hang out. A dream place for children- play-stations, slides, bicycles, sandpits all contribute in making it an activity room in the true sense.
The English room at Allenhouse Public School, Panki is a feast for the eyes and a treat to the senses. It is a place where all the classic tales may come alive and all the ancient poets and authors may come back to life. The portraits on the walls are as good as the real people. This is the room where all the literature classes are conducted so as to provide students, with ideal environment for learning and understanding Indian and World literature and also to create interest in the subject.
The school provides equitable access to music and all the benefits that can be gained through its learning. By promoting traditional music education, our aim is to foster an appreciation for music, build self-esteem, teach critical social skills and engender creativity and innovation. Music education in the school is well rounded including both Indian Classical and Western music. The genre of music ranges from “Raags” to “Bhajjans and Abhangs”, from Indian folks songs to English classical and fusion.By the end of a student’s school life, they can take pride in the treasure trove of music that they have learnt.
"A sanctuary, a mine of treasure, a house of maps to secret lives in secret worlds… - the library became my other home.” Joy Cowley. “We hope that libraries will always exist as places for learners to find information, resources, services, and instruction. But formats, technologies, learning needs, and our schools are evolving. And so are students themselves. Our entire information and communication landscapes have shifted—and this shift will only continue." Our school library plays a key role in building a learning community. Allenhouse’s school library is well stacked with age appropriate books for students and also reference books for teachers.
The School has computer laboratory with 30 computers in each lab accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection for enterprising students get a chance to be familiar with the Internet. They do comprehensive research for their projects and presentations. The department has qualified committed teachers to teach different classes at different levels i.e. Pre-school and Primary. The faculty members make continuous efforts to see that the students must get expertise in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum.
Sports and physical activities are an integral part of education. These activities keep the children physically fit, healthy, active and help them to develop other domains. Allenhouse has a unique, structured sports programme for students. The students can choose among sports like table tennis, badminton, gymnastics, basketball, tennis and cricket supported by suitable state-of –art facilities.
Well maintained, safe buses are run by the school. Major Focus is laid on cleanliness, hygiene and time management. All the vehicles have music system to make the commuting time interesting and entertaining for the children. Proper trained staff takes care of the welfare of the students.
The school has a big spacious infirmary with a very well equipped first aid kit. A qualified nurse is stationed in the infirmary during the school. The school also has a tie up with a hospital in the vicinity to attend to the patient in case of emergency at priority basis.
The school has separate dance rooms for pre and primary students. We have trained dance faculty for both western and Indian form of dances.